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Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Jennie Mustafa-Julock The Audacity Coach, doesn't subscribe to the typical gentle encouragement coaching thing. Her signature cathartic shoves get you unstuck and unstoppable. Her BS-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching has been the catalyst for her clients to launch new businesses, publish their first books, negotiate career leaps, and adventure the world, and more. She also runs a seriously awesome free online community called the Audacity LAB (aka the League of Ambitious Badasses). And in her spare time, she’s churning out her book on Hilda that will come out later this year. If you’re itching for a more fulfilling, adventurous, remarkable life that truly matters, but you’re not quite sure how to make it happen…you need Coach Jennie. For a high-voltage kick in the Audacity, visit www.coachjennie.com.

Meet Hilda: The Four Devious Ways Your Irksome Inner Naysayer Sabotages Your Success

During the call you'll learn:

  • Practical Hacks to Move from Self-sabotage to Audacious Living
  • Ways to Stop Believing that Every Negative Thought You Have is Your Truth
  • The Importance of Getting Crystal Clear About Your Ambitions

Stacey Hoffer

Stacey Hoffer is a certified life coach, self-love guide, inspiring author, sacred women's circle leader, and the founder of The Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood. She guides and empowers women to release their fears and old stories so they can live in more alignment with their inner wisdom and their heart and soul desires. She also helps heart-centered female visionaries elevate their online presence using social media and online communities. Stacey serves women all around the world through in-person and virtual women's circles, group programs, retreats, and private coaching. 

The Magic of Self-Expression

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Make Self-love a Life Practice
  • Why Leaving A Cushy Corporate Job to Start a Business May be the Best Move for You
  • How to Stop Compartmentalizing Your Personal and Professional Brand

Ross McKenzie

After being prescribed lithium for 16 years to treat an alleged bipolar disorder diagnosis, Ross progressively reduced his use of the psychotropic drug using an integrated mind, body and spirit approach to treat the root causes of his symptoms. Today, he is healthy, vibrant, and free from psychotropic medicine and mental health symptoms – and most importantly living a joyful and creative life. His 20 year research journey into integrated approaches was the driving force that led him to co-produce the multi-award winning documentary film, Bipolarized. He is a partner in Radical Wellness Inc., a wellness education company and is also currently developing an Optimal Living Institute in Costa Rica due to open in 2018. As a public speaker and certified life coach he is helping individuals reclaim their own lives and source the root causes of their own mental health challenges.

Radical Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

During the call you'll learn:

  • The Importance of Becoming Your Own Best Doctor
  • What Reinvention Can Look like After Feeling like Life has Written You Off
  • How to Get Back in Tune with Yourself when Business Gets Overwelming

Sheena Yap Chan

Sheena Yap Chan is a blogger, marketer and speaker whose sole purpose, drive and passion is to help women live a better life through entrepreneurship.
She continues to inspire women through her blog by showing marketing and social media tips as well as mindset tricks that will help women take away any blocks that is stopping them from greatness. She also has a podcast helping women build up their self confidence. It’s called The Tao of Self Confidence.

Your Inner Journey to Self-Confidence

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Pay Attention to the Signs Guiding You to Make BIG Moves in Your Life
  • The Importance of Having People who Believe in You in our Corner
  • Redefining What Commitment To Yourself Really Means

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Amy Bleuel

After overcoming many obstacles in her life including bullying, rejection, suicide, self-injury, addiction, abuse and even rape, Amy found strength and a love for others. Amy struggled with mental illness for 20+ years and had experienced many stigmas associated with it. She went on to share her stories around the nation giving hope to others struggling with mental illness before her very untimely death. Amy will be missed.
Thank you Amy for the legacy you created with your work and through the movement known as Project Semicolon.  May you rest in peace. 

How Self-Acceptance Can Lead You to Create a Powerful Movement...

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Form an "Overcoming" Mindset
  • Ways You Can Begin Building Your Support System and Advocacy Community
  • How to Work on Being "Woman Enough"

Clare Luffman

Clare spent the last six years helping women entrepreneurs build "6 figure practices in 6 months." Her and her husband also own a super-successful video game lounge. She knows business models inside and out and thought she'd remain mentoring these women entrepreneurs (i.e. holistic doctors and health coaches, life coaches, web designers, etc.) forever, until she felt the nudge to go "against the grain" with a network marketing company. Even though she had preconceived notions of the industry, there were parts that spoke to her. She loved the simplicity and ease of the model, the mind-blowing residual income, and the oodles and oodles of time flexibility. So she chose to give up her 6-figure+ mentoring business, to build a new business from scratch. Completely outside her comfort zone. But with zero regrets!
She's now encouraging Mompreneurs in network marketing, teaching them how to grow a professional, fun, life-changing business. Her passion is to help create "100 Millionaire Moms" through the network marketing biz model. She feels like the world will be a better place, when MORE good Moms, have MORE time, and MORE money!
Clare shares videos and tips through her "raw, uncensored, and unplugged" messages. Definitely check her out!

How Faith & Belief Combat Self Doubt & Self Sabotage

During the call you'll learn:

  • What You Should Do When Business Feels Hard
  • Understanding the Importance of Your Why
  • Unconventional Business Models and Why Clare left a multi-Six Figure Business for Direct Sales

Carin Rockind

Carin Rockind is a leading happiness expert, media personality, and the creator of PurposeGirl, a movement to empower purpose-driven living for girls and women. She has taught thousands of women real-life strategies to reclaim their happiness and live their joy. Having survived domestic abuse, divorce, and armed robbery, she teaches women to use pain for purpose and thrive. Carin was one of the first 250 people in the world to earn a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she has also served as adjunct faculty. Carin teaches workshops at companies worldwide, including Morgan Stanley, AVON, and Progressive Insurance and she is a regular contributor to national media: She has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, and Crain’s Business, and is the Happiness Guru on Sirius XM’s Cosmo Radio. Most recently, she became an international best-selling author for her contribution in Pebbles in the Pond: Wave Three. Carin is a marathon runner, gourmet cook and painter and lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Joshua, and her bonus-son.

How Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment Leads You to Being More Fierce and Fabulous in Business.

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Figure Out Your Dreams and Start Living Them
  • Ways To Overcome Defeating MessagesTelling You that You Can't When You Can
  • How to Quiet Down Noisy Mindchatter and Take that First Step

Wesley Chapman

Wesley is the Co-Founder of a non-profit called, A HUMAN PROJECT where their mission is to create a community of empowered youth. He works daily to spread the message of H.U.M.A.N.; HOPE, UNDERSTANDING, MAKING A CHOICE, ACTION STEPS and NOURISHING THE POSSIBILITIES. Wesley works with youth who are looking for new hope and a new path. Youth that refuse to let their surroundings dictate their outcome. Youth that want to become more then they are shown, told or given the resources to become. Youth that are willing to take action and make choices their parents were not able to do in their lives. His mission is to eliminate the words, “broken”, “worthless” and “victim” from the children’s vocabulary we reach. Wesley speaks all over the United States to children educating them on their REAL options in life. Informing them that all they must do is dream, act and nurture the possibilities to achieve ultimate joy.
Wesley is also the co-host of THE HUMAN PODCAST. T.H.P. is a weekly show focusing on our mission to build a community of empowered youth. They talk about HUMAN issues with a purpose.

The Pillars of Human Success

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Begin Living in Honesty When You're Afraid of How Other May Perceive You
  • How To Stop Living Your Life for Everyone else by Finding Your Needed Attention
  • Steps to Take to Start Feeling Ultimate Self-Worth

Lynette Davis

Lynette is a Mental Health Advocate, Writer, and Event Organizer. In 2011 she co-founded A & D Media to help mental health professionals consistently market their private practices and nonprofit organizations. She now works almost exclusively with women coaches and consultants as a Virtual Business Manager. When she’s not supporting women visionaries with operations and administrative management, you can catch Lynette working on several heart-work projects with her fellow self-love ambassadors and social justice super friends.

How a Self-love practice can reduce your chances of having Entrepreneurial Mental and Emotional Meltdowns. (Or help you get through them)

During the call you'll learn:

  • How to Track Whether or not You're Just Having a 'bad' Day
  • Why Being the Superheroine of Your Business Story Doesn't Mean You Don't Get a Break
  • How to Start Building Emotional Roller Coaster Resilience

Semonna McNeil

Semonna is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Wellness Advocate. She is also the owner of NewClientMagnet.com where she helps service-based entrepreneurs build big, responsive lists and consistent marketing strategies that are designed specifically to attract new leads and generate new business so you can find more freedom, clients and more money.

What You Don’t Know About Yourself Can Ruin Your Business

During the call you'll learn:

  • How Self-awareness Empowers You to Make Wise Business Decisions
  • How to Forgive Fourself for Being Imperfectly You
  • How to Begin Uncovering What's Been Holding You Back from Leveling Up

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