Being Human in the Age of Digital Connection


More and more companies and organizations are turning to technology to deliver their services, stay connected with remote workers, and keep their operations afloat. It makes sense! Some Day Became Today  Technology is utilized in so many industries, including healthcare, and the age of AI is fast upon us, if not already here. For those of…

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Why Self-love is Important to Your Mental Health and Wellbeing


We often wear many hats as solopreneurs and small business owners.  Even if we’ve learned to delegate and automate, it’s often hard to suppress our inner-control freaks. This is where we get into trouble. We want success. We want the success of our friends, and colleagues, we want to see our families safe and secure. We…

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Why it’s Important to Check on Your “Strong” Work Friend


I get it, we’re busy. We’re so busy in fact, that most of us have little energy for anything other than work, binge-watching Netflix, and if we have a family somehow squeezing time in for them. Social media was supposed to make it easier to connect with friends, family, and other loved ones. But we…

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Business Leaders Need to Publicly Talk About Mental Health


As you may know, mental health is getting the spotlight in the media more and more. Celebrities are publicly talking about their struggles with mental health issues and are checking themselves into inpatient mental health hospitals for a concentrated treatment plan. Even royal families are getting involved in this movement to bring more awareness about the importance of managing our mental health.

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Are Mental Health Support Groups Helpful?


Starting a mental health recovery journey is a courageous, hopeful, and scary process. Like so many of my peers, I turned to self-help and graduated to professional care. However, free or low-cost resources are some of the most accessible ways to begin a healing journey or to maintain one. Some of those resources include: blogs about wellness…

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Suicide Prevention for Entrepreneurs with Mental Health Concerns


Failure, Love & Persistence Entrepreneurs run the gambit of emotions on a daily basis. Are we good enough, smart enough, or talented enough? We question whether pursuing our passions is a waste of time. But what we don’t often acknowledge is how much these thoughts are compounded by mental health concerns. This is the reason…

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Mental Health and Debt: A Call To Action


I remember when the hip-hop song came out called “Mo Money Mo Problems”. In my mind, that didn’t seem right. Since I had plenty of problems and no money. Where I came from, poor was an economic reality, but admittedly, it was also a state of mind. To me, it made perfect sense why “being broke” was…depressing. In a 2010 review of 115 studies that spanned 33 countries across the developed and developing worlds, nearly 80 percent of the studies showed that poverty comes with higher rates of mental illness. Among people living in poverty, those studies also found, mental illnesses were more severe, lasted longer, and had worse outcomes.

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