Suicide Prevention for Entrepreneurs with Mental Health Concerns


Failure, Love & Persistence

Entrepreneurs run the gambit of emotions on a daily basis.

Are we good enough, smart enough, or talented enough?

We question whether pursuing our passions is a waste of time.

But what we don’t often acknowledge is how much these thoughts are compounded by mental health concerns.

This is the reason why I wrote my book, “Success to Die For: Breaking Down Assumptions about Anxiety, Depression, & Suicide and Their Impact on Business Women” a book about mental illness and entrepreneurship.

A battle raged in my mind, and the minds of colleagues. So many entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with suicidal thoughts. And attempt to take their own life. Sadly and tragically, some do.

We get upset, maybe we buzz about it on social media for a day or two and then we move on. More needed to be done.

“Success to Die For” is a compilation of stories from business colleagues, who struggle to create the change they want to see, yet don’t always feel they deserve success or happiness. They’re stymied by fears of failure, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. And while they’re striving for the proverbial winners’ circle, they struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress every single day.

We often think “it’s just me” but the truth is, You Are Not Alone.

Through my book, you will read insights and resources for understanding the intimate relationship between mental health concerns and entrepreneurship from business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

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My hope is that the conversation continues beyond a leisurely book read, or a quick share on social media. Join this mental wellness movement  so that mental health concerns are recognized, destigmatized, and adequately addressed in the workplace and in life.

I believe that by acknowledging the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with love, persistence prevails. Because even if we fall down, we don’t have to stay there. With love, acceptance, and guidance we can rise above any obstacle.

The two most liberating feelings in the world are realizing failure is an opportunity to grow and realizing YOU ARE WORTHY (even if you think your life is a mess).

If you or a loved one need suicide prevention support right now, you can reach National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling: 1-800-273-8255. 


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