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Love Yourself
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Telesummit 2015

A virtual event that celebrates love and the way our businesses can be an extension of the love we have for ourselves, and the people we are called to serve.

Our experts are sharing how loving, respecting, and honoring yourself can enable you to move mountains and create a business that you love.

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What You Will Learn From These Trainings

Each of our experts has a shared passion and desire to empower you to build something so much larger than yourself by embracing and loving the life and legacy you can create through your business. Each of them has faced their fears, embraced failures, and celebrated success, and is a ready to share what they’ve learned…

  • Amy Pearson

    The Fraud Factor: How to Go From ‘What if I’m not Good Enough’ to Confident, Successful and ‘Damn I’m Good

  • Vernetta R. Freeney

    Own The Gamechanger Within

  • Marrissa Nicole

    How To Use Self-care To Create A Life & Business You Love.

  • Amanda Abella

    How To Use Self-worth To Create A Life & Business You Love.

  • Danielle Leslie

    How to Build a Flexible Personal Brand that Gets You Paid

  • Terri Lomax

    How To Use Self-compassion and Forgiveness To Create A Life And Business You Love

  • Izzy Arkin

    Discover what REALLY matters (and actually do it)

  • Nicole K. Lundy

    How To Use Self-acceptance To Create A Life And Business You Love

  • Paul Petrone

    How To Use Self-empowerment To Create A Life And Business You Love

  • Rachel Kay Albers

    How To Use Self-compassion and Forgiveness To Create A Life And Business You Love

  • Lynette Davis & Semonna McNeil

    How To Use Self-love To Learn From Your Past, Heal Your Present And Create A Life And Business You Love

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(Our Speakers nominated their favorite cause and those who attended the live broadcast voted for the one who will receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale. Teach For America was selected.)

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There are no refunds for this experience since it's all about inspiration. What you do with the recordings and how you apply this advice to your life and business is to your own discretion.

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