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We organize conversations and events that promote mental health in work and in life.

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Project Activate

Loving yourself and your business starts with awareness. Awareness helps us lead with integrity and purpose, and empowers us to take informed action in order to legitimately change the world.   This project features live and recorded interviews with mental health experts, as well as other content highlighting entrepreneurs managing mental health issues while running and growing a business.

Project Expression

Your story is important! Sharing personal narratives helps debunk myths, break down assumptions, and provide basic tools for transformation in work & life. Expressing your truth fosters an online global community that increases awareness, de-stigmatizes mental health issues, and advocates health policy change. This project provides you with the space to express yourself while supporting other business leaders on their mental health journey. 

  • Support Chat

    *Coming soon*We aim to bring our business community a support forum to talk about mental health and business as well as the aspects of business that affect our mental health and vice versa. We wear many capes as business owners but we need a place where we can take our capes off and just “be”.

  • Become an Agent of Love

    Click here to Join The League of Extraordinary Love Agents—Our “not so secret” Facebook community of business owners sharing tips, tools, and resources for winning our daily battles with mental health issues and recharging our business superpowers.

Project Inner Child

All work and no play? That ends today! Join fellow business professionals at local meetups and reinvigorate your soul. Each event is created with the intention to heal your inner child or nurture your inner child’s sense of fun to cultivate adult creativity.  To accomplish this, we incorporate group activities designed to spark your imagination, release stress, learn coping skills, or just simply have fun. 

Project Refresh

Rejuvenate your whole self and Reactivate your dreams! This project features a retreat specifically for entrepreneurs and business people who are ready to work on mindset, communication skills, boundaries, and preventing self-sabotaging behaviors in order to take a more leading role in your work and lives. Project Refresh is designed to create movement in business while acknowledging the importance of mental wellness as a necessary element of success.

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Our mission is to get business owners, entrepreneurs, and leading professionals mindful about mental health, and actively engaged in wholehearted activities that foster wellness in the workplace and in life.

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