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It’s time to stop questioning your talents and greatness.

8 - 12 February 2016     /    Virtual Event     /     10 Speakers

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Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About Creating A Successful Business...

The concept behind the Love Yourself Love Your Business Summit is simple: if you love yourself and allow that love to expand into other areas of your life, you can create and grow the life and business of your dreams.

For decades, we've been taught to find a need in the marketplace and fill it. Then, you'll attain everlasting success. Yet anyone who has ever created a business knows it's not as simple. In the Love Yourself Love Your Business Summit, 10 of the world's top thought leaders will share the truth about what it takes to create a profitable business filled with purpose, with soul, and with love.

During the summit, industry leaders will expose their deepest secrets and reveal how they came to love themselves, so that you can learn from their life lessons and decide for yourself what’s going to make you successful; self-sabotage or self-love.

Why should you attend?

unconventional advice

You're going to receive advice and real-life case studies from people who have been overwhelmed and disappointed, moved through it, and lived to tell about it. You won't get easy-to-find, cookie-cutter advice inside.

Industry Leaders

We've gathered thought-leaders from various industries to share the mindset tips and business blueprints that have allowed them to create happier lives and businesses.

Live Networking

You'll get to network with industry leaders and your fellow attendees during the real-time Q & A event on Blab, hosted by Lynette Davis.

Never Miss An Interview

You'll automatically receive access to the interviews during the event (between February 8th and 15th).

Our ALL-ACCESS UPGRADE PASS holders can download the recordings and take them on-the-go. Forget your link? No worries. You'll have life-time access to the recordings.

Who’s Presenting & What Is Each Session About?

Day 1:

07:00  pm       Coach Jennie Mustafa-Julock, Meet Hilda: The Four Devious Ways Your Irksome Inner Naysayer Sabotages Your Success

09:00  pm       Stacey Hoffer, The Magic of Self-Expression

Day 2:

07:00 pm          Ross Mckenzie, Radical Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

09:00 pm          Sheena Yap Chan, Your Inner Journey to Self-Confidence

Day 3:

07:00 pm          Amy Bleuel, How Self-Acceptance Can Lead You to Create a Powerful Movement

09:00  pm        Clare Luffman, How Faith & Belief Combat Self Doubt & Self Sabotage

Day 4:

07:00 pm          Carin Rockind, How Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment Leads You to Being More Fierce and Fabulous in Business

09:00 pm         Wesley D. Chapman, The 3 Pillars of Human Success

Day 5:

12:00 pm          Lynette Davis, How Developing a Self-Love Practice can reduce your chances of having Entrepreneurial Meltdowns

02:00 pm         Semonna McNeil, What You don’t know about Yourself can ruin your Business

Meet The Speakers

Ross McKenzie

Carin Rockind

Amy Bleuel

Lynette Davis

Wesley D. Chapman

Clare Luffman

Coach Jennie

Semonna McNeil

Stacey Hoffer

Sheena Yap Chan

Love Yourself Love Your Business

8 - 12 February 2016     /    Virtual Event     /     10 Speakers

Access The Recordings

Meet Your Hosts

Lynette Davis

Lynette is a Mental Health Advocate, Writer, and Webshow Host. She co-founded A & D Media to help mental health professionals consistently market their private practices and nonprofit organizations which eventually led to working almost exclusively with women coaches and consultants. When she’s not assisting women visionaries with ‘done-for-you’ online marketing assistance, you can catch Lynette working on several heart-work projects with her fellow self-love ambassadors and social justice super friends.

Semonna McNeil

Semonna is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Wellness Advocate. She is also the owner of where she helps service-based entrepreneurs build big, responsive lists and consistent marketing strategies that are designed specifically to attract new leads and generate new business so you can find more freedom, clients and more money.

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About Love Yourself Love Your Business Summit

Our mission is to create virtual outreach that brings together and touches the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs and leaders to cultivate an ongoing practice of self-love and give voice to the ways our businesses can be an extension of the love we have for ourselves.

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