Being Human in the Age of Digital Connection


More and more companies and organizations are turning to technology to deliver their services, stay connected with remote workers, and keep their operations afloat. It makes sense!

Some Day Became Today

 Technology is utilized in so many industries, including healthcare, and the age of AI is fast upon us, if not already here.

For those of us who have been working from home for years, we are no stranger to tools like Slack for team communications, or ClickUp for project and task management. Most recently, a colleague over at Goldstein Media just shared a Business and Education 3D world platform with me where through this virtual reality experience, you get “immersive collaboration spaces that foster togetherness, community, and presence [so] remote work doesn’t have to feel so isolated.” 

Other organizations also wanting to combat feelings of isolation have jumped on the Zoom bandwagon to host conferences, webinars, and even 12 step meetings. Who would have thought Zoom would be one of the technology heroes for recovery groups?

Empathy Is As Empathy Does

Love Yourself Love Your Business is also doing what we can to offer spaces for connection, expression, and resource sharing. As an online mental health peer support resource, we strive to make resources for healing and wellbeing accessible and affordable. And as much as we love technology and all of the amazing opportunities it offers us, we also want to make sure humans stay centered, rather than the tool itself.

So, come be human with us. It takes extraordinary courage to be our true vulnerable, sometimes logical, sometimes irrational, sometimes emotional, and a lot of times more resilient than we realize, selves. 

Let’s unite to co-create spaces together where we can live into our wholeness and truths as women, men, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, who also happen to be small business owners and entrepreneurs. And may or may not be okay right now. 

*In-person events are on a hiatus right now but check back for announcements. 

Lynette Davis is the Creator of Love Yourself Love Your Business. Follow her on Twitter @lynddavis